Monday, 22 June 2015

Hi, long time no post but...

Seeing as I've redone my website, I felt I needed to start throwing more work up on here again as well. I've been working on a couple things to add to my portfolio. For now I have a couple props/textures, Ill be posting more and current WIP stuff tomorrow.

High Poly Fantasy Pillar :  

I'm a huge fan of Joe Mad, his style and the Darksider art so I wanted to try and do something in that style.

I'll add trims to the top and bottom to cap it off but other then that its basically done, I'll hopefully bake down this High res to a low res mesh tomorrow after work, 

Minor *Update* : Added trims, didn't get a chance to sit down and get to work till 9pm so I'll be making the Low poly mesh tomorrow after work

Tiling Cobblestone : WIP

Another more work in progress is a tiling cobblestone texture, (Not so tiling right now lol) I'll be finishing it up right after the pillar. I'm thinking I should be able to bake out a height map with multiple ground textures and the cobblestone so I can have the stones covered by Mud or in puddles or on dry ground and blend it together for different variations.

Thanks for taking a look .